Selfoss here we come!

Well, it seems that we will be moving to Selfoss, Iceland in January 2012. We will be living right next to my most favourite shop in all of Iceland…yes, you guessed it, Bónus! When we lived in Hvolsvöllur, I used to pray that God would bless Jóhannes from Bónus and that he would build a store in the countryside. When a store was built in Selfoss, I was overjoyed! But, nevertheless used to ask God, ´Do you think we could have a Bónus in Hvolsvöllur as well?’ Now it seems I will be living right next door to Bónus. God has a wonderful sense of humour, doesn´t He? For those who don´t know Iceland very well yet, Bónus is the cheapest place to shop, bar none.


3 thoughts on “Selfoss here we come!

  1. I was just re-reading some of your old posts again and this made me laugh. As much I love almost everything in Iceland, I don’t love Bónus! It reminds me of all the worst things about Lidl and Aldi. But, I can see the benefit of there being a cheap place to buy things in a place where there isn’t so much choice. I just won’t be posting any rave reviews of Bónus. Now, Hagkaup…


    • Actually Bónus moved to another site in the town just days before we moved to Iceland, lol. We have the joy of Netto next door instead now. Which, I´m happy to report, is better than Bónus in terms of range of products and about the same on price, etc. However, NOTHING beats shopping in Kolaportið fleamarket in downtown Reykjavík 🙂


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