Everything you wanted to know about Iceland, but were afraid to ask!

Atlantica Newsletter

Atlantica Oct-Dec 2011Do you have burning questions about the mysteries of Iceland that include (in no particular order) puffins, liquorice icecream and liquorice chocolate, waterfalls, volcanoes, bubbling mud pools, lingonberries, earthquakes, lakes, horses, glacial rivers, kjöt súpa, Opal sweets, outdoor swimming, Kolaportið, greenhouses, Herbal Life, icebergs, midnight sun, Sprengidagur, skyr, snow, whale meat, mad drivers, blá lónið, nightlife, “Haa?” volcanic ash, lopapeysa, big jeeps, rhubarb jam, glaciers, Iceland Air, hiking, gravel roads, walking, nammidagur, cycling, wind, beautiful people, hotdogs, rain, spa days, sun, sagas, fjallagras, New Year fireworks, Eyjafjallajökull, winter tyres, Bónus, morning coffee, Iceland Airwaves, walking sticks, skiing, poetry, lupins, the hidden people, lava fields, slippery paths in winter, geothermal springs, people that say, ‘how do you like Iceland?’ mountain streams, wild flowers, Brennivín, sand fields, wild strawberries, Iceland Express, high fashion, wild weather, geysers, Sigur Rós, Vikings, black sand beaches, wilderness, Björk, hot tubs, Icelandic cod, Christmas lights, horizontal rain, blonde hair, festivals, whale watching, steam, ice picks, lamb? If you do, this magazine is for you. Read it now and book your ticket to Iceland. You won’t be disappointed 🙂 Right click on atlantica0511 and choose ‘save link as’ to download your copy.


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