I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…

Iceland Express AirplaneOver the past week, our plans to move to Iceland have moved up a notch. Even just a few weeks ago, the thought of actually moving to Iceland had somewhat of an unreal quality to it. It was far enough away to feel like we were looking forward to an exciting foreign holiday. This week everything changed. The dream-like state we happily occupied has gone and we are faced with the somewhat less romantic reality of sorting, packing, ordering and planning. Surrounded by a growing pile of boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap, I fear the house will never be tidy again. Despite the mess, uncertainty and practical tasks ahead of us, we both feel a growing sense of excitement tinged with sadness. Excitement because we have never stopped feeling homesick for Iceland and sadness because Chris and I will be travelling back to Iceland alone, our children happily settled in their new lives in England. Sad also because we will be leaving our beloved Church in Evenwood. Praise be for Skype, Facebook, blogs, long distance call cards and texting! Where would we be without them?


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