The final countdown…

Sleeps till ChristmasAs of today there are 45 sleeps to Christmas. I know this because my phone has a handy app which reminds me each day. That means there are now only 53 sleeps until we fly to Iceland. It feels strange to be doing things for the last time, e.g. having friends round for dinner, using special dishes before they are packed, final Church events, even finding a good home for my eight month sourdough starter! With every new trip to the skip, it definitely feels like we are on a countdown. Every now and again, Chris and I exchange glances and wonder out loud, “Are we completely mad?” Certainly the people who want us to stay think we are on the edge of barking. But, we have always been of the mind, that you only live this life once. And, when we are old and grey (okay greyer), we don’t want to look back with longing and say, “I wonder what would have happened if…” Life is just too short, wouldn’t you agree? And besides, we weren’t nicknamed Nike Christians by our pals because of our svelte figures and jaunty exercise routines. By the way, apologies to everyone who will spend the rest of the day humming “The final countdown” by Europe, a Swedish hard rock band from the 80s. For those of you too young to remember, here is the band in action. Love the hair 🙂


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