Hit the road Jack…

Mosaic Church in Darlington

Itinerating at Mosaic Church in Darlington

This morning (Sunday) we took our first meeting as future missionaries to Iceland. Rather appropriately, our first Church was Mosaic, which is a lovely Church in Darlington filled with friends who have known us since we first became Christians. There is something special about sharing stories from almost twenty years ago, knowing that some of the people in the room were there when the story began. Certainly, when someone knows you that well, there is no room for embellishment. But, how very wonderful to be able to say, do you remember the tent meeting at Aycliffe, when Ian Green said “You will never be a pew filling, sing a new chorus singing type of Christian, for you have the mark of God on you and you will work for Him in mission”. We still have Ian’s words on tape, we will treasure them forever. Within a very short time, Chris of course became involved with outreach to Romania and Gambia and then Iceland. They were heady days, filled with hard work and a deep joy that came from knowing we served a mighty God 🙂


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