The Parkers have landed…

Greetings from a very snowy Iceland! Well, we thought you would like to hear a bit of what we have been up to so far, so here is a bit of news from the other frozen chosen! We arrived in Iceland to share the joy of the coldest, snowiest winter to hit Iceland since 1984…now where have we heard that before? Oh, I know, the first time we went to Iceland in 1999, haha. There is much speculation now as to whether there will also be a volcanic eruption in Jan/Feb and a sizeable earthquake on 17th June (Iceland’s Day of Independence), so that we feel really at home. Weather aside, we are settling in very nicely to our little flat, which is warm and cosy and right in the centre of the town, so we are not far from the shops and other facilities.

The welcome from people we know, both in and out of the Church has been overwhelming. Everyone is so pleased to see us back in Iceland, or as our Icelandic friends are saying, “þú ert komin heim til Íslands!” Or, “You have come home to Iceland!”. Very cute and also very encouraging.

In terms of ministry, we already have a number of engagements in our diary. Two weeks ago I gave a short talk at our local Church in Icelandic on what we had been doing in England and what we hoped to do in Iceland in the coming months and years. Last weekend, Chris preached at a Men’s Breakfast at our Church and also preached on Sunday morning at our current Church and in the afternoon at the Church we attended when we lived in Iceland before. As you can imagine, they just loved hearing him preach the Word of God. We’ve also had an invite to a birthday party of a lively two-year old and were treated to a great pizza at the famous (to the Parker family anyway) Gallery Pizza in Hvolsvöllur, our old home town. When I say town…the town has a population of just over 700. The last weekend of the month sees us attending a leadership conference facilitated by two AOG USA missionaries, an American couple called Mike and Sheila Fitzgerald who founded Lindin, a Christian radio and media station in Iceland and who we love dearly. Good times indeed!

Chris and I have both been asked to contribute to the teaching at a Bible School in Reykjavík and Chris has been asked to work with a friend of ours on ideas for developing the local and national Church in Iceland. So, we should have plenty to report back to the folks at home when we come back in May.

We heard on the radio earlier this evening that Iceland is going to be hit with a BIG storm, with lots of fierce winds and a lot of snow. Given the amount of snow that has fallen since we arrived…we are a little worried by the snow warning. Until that is, a friend pointed out that in early December 2011 temperatures in Iceland plummeted to -22. Oh well, at least we can listen to Radio 4 as we snuggle under the duvet 🙂

Prayer needs at the moment
Our prayer needs revolve around adequate financial support and the development of a strong peer network within the Christian Churches here in Iceland. So, please remember to pray for both and to consider partnering with us, particularly in relation to raising enough finances for transport. Because of the geography, weather and limited access to public transport, Iceland is not the place to live without a car.

Until the next time, be blessed, be safe and love God with all your heart, strength and mind. Because at the end of the day…nothing else matters.


7 thoughts on “The Parkers have landed…

  1. Hi Ethna
    so nice to hear how you have settled in
    very interesting to read n look forward to reading
    your posts
    keep warm 😉
    love susie n gang x


  2. Love your latest post mum! I’m so glad to hear you are getting on so well and settling in nicely 🙂 Sounds like the bad weather has given you a good welcome lol Reading your post makes me miss Iceland and all the beautiful & kind people over there. Please give my love to everyone x


    • Hi hon, I bet you don’t miss the crazy Icelandic weather though, lol. Everyone is asking after you and wondering when you will come for a visit…miss you and love you very much. Am so proud of all that you have achieved. Mum xxx


  3. I stumbled across this blog by accident while meandering around the internet. I’m right there with you on being a card carrying “Icelandphile”. I’ve been able to visit twice so far. I’ll look forward to reading of your adventures in residing there. I’ve long wondered what it would be like to actually do what you’re doing… Best of luck with the winter and getting a car (I noticed the red Yaris’ were popular in town earlier in 2011, maybe some incentive program?)


    • Hey Lee, glad you enjoyed reading the blog. We do love all things Icelandic, including the crazy weather we are experiencing at the moment! We lived in Iceland for five years previously and enjoyed it immensely. Most people do love it when they come for a visit. If you should visit again, let us know, would be happy to help with tips on where to stay and what to see, etc.


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