Iceland calling…12 points!

Gréta Salóme and Jónsi will represent Iceland in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, with the song ‘Mundu Eftir Mér or ‘Remember Me.’ It’s a song about an elf and a mortal…I think it’s a winner!

NEWSFLASH: I have been reliably informed by my good friend Bryndís Sveinsdóttír that the song is not about an elf and a mortal but rather it’s about a bishop’s daughter and a farmer’s boy who worked for her father. Her name was Ragnheiður and the boy’s name was Daði. Her father had her make a chastity oath when he heard about her being in love with Daði. It is said that 40 weeks later she gave birth to their child and later died as a cause of that. Very romantic! I much prefer this version 🙂


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