So, where have you been my whole life…?

Northern LIghts over ChurchOr, at least, where have you been for the last six months? Regular readers of the blog have noticed the lack of posts over the past six months. Thank you for noticing. It is fair to say that Life suddenly became overwhelmingly busy as I wrote the final chapters of my PhD thesis on dementia and then began a new job – more about the PhD and the job later. And, for the longest time, after the death of my beloved brother, I simply didn’t have the heart to write.

We have, though, been keeping notes of our adventures in Iceland and over the next couple of weeks I am going to transform those notes into blog posts. We hope you find them interesting and we hope they give you an insight into what modern missionaries get up to. We hope also that as you journey with us vicariously, Iceland and her people become as familiar and as dear to you as they are to us. Every blessing, Chris and Ethna 🙂


8 thoughts on “So, where have you been my whole life…?

  1. Hi Chris and Ethna

    Good to hear from you. Ethna please let us know where you are at with your PhD. I have my PhD viva a week on Friday (19th) at Chester. Have you been able to obtain some work relating to your PhD research on dementia?

    We have had a relatively long harsh winter in UK so perhaps it will help us all to appreciate you more coping with the long winters in Iceland.

    I trust that everything is going well with the church Chris works with and also the overall relational connections with the Iceland Pentecostal church.

    I was up in the North East in February visiting Horden, so not too far from where you used to be. We drove out to Barnard Castle and went past Bishop Auckland. on our way back to Durham.




    • Hi Leigh, thanks for your thoughts and good wishes. In terms of the PhD, my viva is on the 23rd April, so I’m in the throes of re-reading and thinking through answers to possible questions, etc. All the very best with yours on Friday! I will be thinking of you and praying for you. We should meet up on Skype for a chat soon so that we can exchange news and views 🙂 Blessings from the both of us, Ethna


  2. Great to hear from you again. I will look forward to reading your blog very soon. Love and blessings to both of you.


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