You know you’re from Iceland when…

Given the flurry of interest in this post recently and the critical nature of the updates posted, I have decided to reblog this post. Stay alert peeps.


There are lots of lists doing the rounds at the moment on the subject of, ‘you know you’re from Iceland when…’ this one from the is one of my favourites. If you come across any more, send them to me and I’ll dutifully post them 🙂

CORRECTION ALERT! I have been reliably informed (by an Icelander – thank you Jóhannes) that one of the factoids below is incorrect. The bit about trolls is in fact wrong:

Trolls don’t live in suspicious looking rocks, it’s elves, or Huldufólk to be more precise. Trolls on the other hand get turned into stone when exposed to sunlight.

CORRECTION ALERT! I have recently been contacted by Bergþór, who wanted to clarify one of the points highlighted below:

“okay, you pretty summed it all up very nice there. But there where some aspects that I didn’t agree on like… You believe in trolls (when foreigners…

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