Nativity reloaded

HowManySleepsChristmaDEABEGiven that summer (or what was laughingly referred to as summer this year in Iceland) seems like it was here only yesterday, I am struggling with the notion that Christmas is, quite literally, around the corner. I realise commenting on how quickly time flies secures my place in the ‘getting older’ club and for that I make no apologies. The fact is, it really doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was admiring and reviewing nativity videos to accompany our Christmas message last year, and yet, here I am again, admiring and reviewing another traunch of nativity videos.

Speaking of admiring and reviewing…it has been an extraordinary year for Chris and I, at once exhausting and exhilarating. We have been living outside our personal comfort zone and whilst this is an exciting, edgy place to be, being on the edge can sometimes feel like a balancing act. We have, for example, made countless small, and occasionally large decisions, that have reinforced our need to ‘hold’ our material possessions, including finances, lightly. Chris and I think that money matters. In fact, money matters a great deal. People who preach that money is of little import, usually speak from a position of owning a fat purse. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil, not money itself.

Although we enjoy a relatively small income – our joint income is below the Icelandic minimum wage for a single person – Chris and I were inspired to financially support several people and projects over the year and in doing so, have experienced great blessing in our lives. In our new year blog post, we will share some of the many personal challenges/blessings we have experienced this past year. I give you fair warning though, you may have to make yourself a cuppa before you settle down to read it, as we have had an eventful and fruitful year.

While Chris and I are pleased to give God the glory for all that He has done for us personally, a Christmas blog post is not about us. It is about celebrating the birthday of the greatest man who ever lived. His story started before the world began, it continues today and will continue for all time. His name is Jesus. The following video re-tells the story of His birth. We have used this video before. For that I make no apologies either. It is easily one of the best nativity videos we have watched. Enjoy and be blessed. Happy birthday Jesus!


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